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Leaving *5sos Preference*

When he leaves you for tour/break up

Calum: walking into your flat finding calums stuff sitting in the living room all packed up nice and neat was heartbreaking. He told you he would leave if you didnt pay more attention to him, but you were so wrapped up in school work you had forgotten about your poor boyfriend. He trudged out of your shared bedroom holding a small duffle bag. “well thats the last of it” he whispers to himself without giving you a second look. You tried to bite back the tears as he gave you a quick hug and a last peck on the lips as he gathered up his stuff. Before he left he looked you in the eyes for the last time and said “im sorry Y/N. maybe we can try this again one day.” he shut the door leaving you and your thoughts behind.

Luke: you sob quietly into lukes broad shoulders never wanting to leave his embrace. He looks up from the sweet hug to meet your tear stained eyes with his ocean blue ones. You see a tear start to form in his eye, but he wipes it away quickly thinking you hadn’t seen it. “I’ll miss you so much luke,” you say as you go back in for another long embrace from your boyfriend of 1 year. “its only 3 months (Y/N) we have to go back to the uk for some writing, but ill make sure i skype you every chance i get,” he cooed and he rubbed you back with his guitar callused hands. The rest of the boys nagging him, telling him if they dont hurry they will miss the plane. You pulled away from the hug and said “goodbye luke,” Luke put his hands on your cheek and wiped away a tear with his thumb and said “loving you is so easy, but leaving you will be the hardest thing i’ve ever done. I love you Y/N please dont forget me,” and with that you gave him one last kiss and watched him saunter away towards the plane gates. Leaving you and your relationship behind.

Michael: Michael and you hadnt been getting along very well lately.Fighting about v v little things would make ethier one of you hit the wall. the fighting had gotten so back to you just got up and left. you didnt want to feel the pain anymore. you knew michael didnt love you anymore. and it was time to move on and just accept it.

Ashton: you were woken up by your boyfriend of three months at 4 am on a saturday. by the look of your face he could tell you were pissed, “sory baby i just wanted to say goodbye before i leave for the us,” you looked at him and remebered, oh ya today was the day that your boyfriend would keave you for 5 months on a huge crazy tour. you didnt say anything u just got up and held him as tight as you could, after all yo wont be seeing him for a v long time

(A/N): Sorrry this was terrible :/ its just we havent written in a v long time. so if you could send in some request an follow us hehe it would be great. we love you. ~amy

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wet niall


shirtless or not. how can you not love this?


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This photo is so important

favorite photos of Harry [2013] - 9/∞

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